Witness Lee on the local church: God’s Revelation and God’s Recovery of the Local Churches
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Four Main Figures 


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The Spread of
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I. The Four Main Figures in the Bible

In the following passage, Witness Lee likens the Bible to a painting. Just as we naturally focus on the main figure of a painting rather than on its background, so we should also focus our attention on the four main figures in the Bible: God, Christ, the Church, and the local churches, not on the many other subjects, doctrines, and things in the Bible.

The Bible is a volume of sixty-six books, with over 1,000 chapters. There are many subjects, many doctrines, and many things covered in this book. But the main figures are only four. In the whole Bible, there are only four main figures.
In a painting of a tiger, there may be many things in the background, but the main figure in the painting is the tiger. In the background, there may be mountains, woods, and many other items, but it is principally a portrait of a tiger. Our attention must be focused upon the tiger.
The Bible is also a painting. It is a divine painting, a spiritual painting, an eternal and heavenly painting with thousands and even millions of things in the background. But what are the main figures? (19-20)

The following sections present each of the four main figures in the Bible—God, Christ, the Church, and the local churches.





Witness Lee skillfully focuses our attention on the main figures, the supporting structure, of the entire Bible. God, Christ, the universal Church and the local churches advance to the forefront of our awareness and appreciation as Witness Lee expounds on each of them.